Christmas Tree Care

Your tree should be positioned in a cool place. Avoid placing the tree in a location where it will be exposed to hot dry breezes, so that it does not dry out too quickly.

The tree base should be kept in water. It is best to use a tree stand, to ensure the base is always in the water and does not dry out. The tree does not require any additive in the water.

When you first place the tree into its stand, cut about 1 cm off the base of the tree, using a pruning saw or wood saw, and then place the tree in its stand and fill with water. The tree may take up several litres of water in its first few days, so be sure to check and top-up the water regularly.

If the tree should run out of water in its stand, again cut 1 to 2 cm off the base, and replace the tree into the stand and fill with water.

When a tree is looked-after carefully according to these instructions, the tree should stay in good condition for 3 weeks or more. If the tree runs out of water or is exposed to hot dry breezes, its life may be shorter.

To dispose of the tree, we recommend to cut the tree into small pieces and use as garden mulch.